Risky Business

Cheryl Cole's 'Nation's sweetheart' crown has slipped a little in the past few days, with her controversial decision to pick the not-entirely-brilliant auditionees Katie and Cher, ahead of Gamu. This choice may have been swayed by Gamu's precarious visa issues, but the fact remains - we have a fairly ropey bunch of XFactor hopefuls in the 'girls' category.

Cheryl defended her decision to The Mirror saying, 'I had to go back with my instinct with Cher, how I felt when I first ever saw her, which was excited and buzzing and I believed her, because she wasn’t very well yesterday and she really struggled with the pressure so I had to take a big risk with her but I think she’s worth it.'

Will.i.am, Cheryl's wingman, who still seems to be hanging around in the hope that she'll date him, said of the decision, 'It was harder than it looked because every single one of the girls are great singers. Other artists, or the particular ones that didn’t have the X Factor, could think the choice was mean or unfair, so that’s hard being judged for judging.'

And in other, more sinister news, Cheryl has apparently been receiving death threats from disgruntled Gamu fans. A source told The Sun, that Cheryl had received a message, charmingly stating, 'Every1 has a bullet for you.'

As Nasty Nick from Big Brother 1 prophetically said, 'It's only a gameshow'...

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