R.I.P. Reality TV

Could this signal the end for TV talent searches and perhaps even reality TV? Simon Cowell’s American Idol – very much the same as X factor and aired on ITV2 on Thursdays – recently saw an 11% dip in its ratings. The show debuted with 4 million fewer viewers than in 2007.  

On this side of the pond Big Brother Celebrity Hijack is also registering disappointing viewing figures and, at the most recent Big Brother auditions, only a handful of people turned up!

So no one wants to watch the shows and to add insult to injury, no one even wants to be in them! Are we finally sick of reality TV?  We hope so. There really aren’t any more gimmicks left to try to liven up the tired format. Well, unless they took all the old Big Brother ‘stars’ and put them in a house. Then in a twist they would throw in a couple of hungry lions. The winner – the last one alive...

(Image: from o2ma’s flickr stream)

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