Rio's top ten

Rio Ferdinand might be slightly regretting his decision to take the Sunday Mirror to court for kiss and tell revelations. The Man Utd player is furious that the tabloids published stories about his extra-marital affairs, but unfortunately, Rio's court appearance has provided another opprtunity to air his dirty laundry in public. The defence barristers named Ferdinand's ten mistresses, who all claim to have bedded the star during his marriage.

According to The Sun, the QC for the defence argued, 'Disclosure of an affair was well justified in the public interest. The claimant's concern is about the effect of the article on the public image he has so painstakingly constructed. He has misled the public over a period of years. He must carry some responsibility for placing himself and his family in the predicament in which they now find themselves.'

The ten include various topless models, a former Big Brother contestant, and an air hostess. Stay classy, Rio...

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