Ring of fire

Cheryl Cole stepped out yesterday and gave her love rat husband Ashley Cole a clear message with her fingers (no, not that one); you are out of the door and there ain’t no coming back, buster. Tabloid paps snapped her out and about, and she waved her ring-less fingers at them, grinning like V in V For Vendetta as she did so. Let’s hope she didn’t wreak havoc with him and his family though, that would be a trifle harsh.

Meanwhile Cole has been offered a chance to be on the judging panel when Simon Cowell takes The X Factor to the States; but she’s worried her Geordie accent might confuse the Yanks. She's probably right.

‘It's kind of really scary. You know - like, why would they give a 'b' (care) what I thought?’ she said to Contact Music. ‘They don't know me out there and I have got this weird accent and it would be a bit, 'What?'!

‘I love the thought of it and I would absolutely love to do it. The talent out there is phenomenal, so I would get an absolute buzz off doing it, but whether they would get a buzz off me is a different thing.’

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