Rihanna told off for touching lapdancers

Rihanna was told to keep her hands to herself during a much publicised trip to Peter Stringfellow's lapdancing club earlier this week.

The 23-year-old singer raised eyebrows when she paid a visit to the strip club with LA Dodgers baseball star and ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp.

However, reports suggest that Rihanna was reprimanded by bouncers at the club for repeatedly getting touchy-feely with a number of the topless female dancers.

The Barbadian beauty is famous for the raunchy nature of her videos and stage show and it appears that she was keen to live up to her bad girl reputation by breaking Stringfellow's strict 'you-can-look-but-you-can't-touch' policy.

'Rihanna couldn't resist paying for a dance and loved watching the girls in action,' an unnamed source told The Sun.

'Bouncers weren't happy as she was repeatedly touching them, ignoring all warnings. At one point she thrust her head between the legs of one of the dancers.'

Rihanna courted controversy a few weeks ago when an Irish farmer told her to cover up during a raunchy video shoot on his land and the 23-year-old hit the headlines again following her trip to London's most famous strip joint.

The 'Umbrella' singer, recently voted the world's sexiest woman by Esquire magazine, was seen coming out of Stringfellow's in the small hours when one of her entourage accidentally stood on her foot.

A friend of Rihanna's unsuccessfully attempted to keep the singer's face covered from the following press pack. But it was the former beauty queen who had the last laugh appearing to give the paparazzi the middle finger.

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