Rihanna parties with Chris Brown

For the second time in recent months, Rihanna has been spotted partying in the same venue as ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Brown admitted to assaulting Rihanna at a pre-Grammy party in 2009 and is serving five years of probation for the attack.

Rihanna had a restraining order against her ex, but last year asked the courts to relax it so that the pair could communicate.

The Russian Roulette singer, 23, and Brown, 22, were both pictured at the Greystone Manor nightclub in West Hollywood.

News has also emerged that Brown will be performing at this year's Grammy Awards - the event where his career almost ended three years ago.

Despite the assault, he has managed a comeback and his multi-hit album, F.A.M.E. (Forgiving All My Enemies), is nominated for three Grammys.

Rihanna will also be performing at the show. She's nominated for four awards, including album of the year for her platinum effort Loud.

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