Rihanna named the sexiest woman of 2011 by Esquire

We all know that Rihanna is probably the most smoking hot woman in pop music right now: why, all it takes is a small jiggle of her curvaceous backside to get us all in a lascivious lather; and when she does that little look – you all know the look we're on about – well knock us down with a feather if we don't melt at the crotch. Not a good look at work, let us tell you.

Anyway, not being ones to keep more news of the Barbadan beauty's hotness away form you all, below we have a video of her rubbing mud all over her face and topless chest. It's in honour of her being voted the sexiest woman of 2011 by Esquire magazine, which strikes us as being entirely fair enough. Only she could make mud sexy, eh?

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