Riding on Cowell’s coat tails

Ever wondered what part-time X-Factor judge/mentor/hanger on Sinitta might say if you said to her that she only got the job because of her bezzy mate/ex boyf Simon Cowell? Well, wonder no more. Thanks to a spot of cheeky bravado and Twitter we know exactly what she would say....

The Sun announced that Sinitta was in line to get a judging job on the US version of The X Factor (nice) and, in response to the wonderful news one Twitterer tweeted: ‘Please tell me your quotes in The Sun about joining the US X Factor are a joke?! Hanging on Simon's coat tails isn't a career love!’

Quick to stand her ground Sinitta hit back: ‘Have a sense of humour, which you obviously don't. By the way, any job that pays bills in your chosen profession is a career move.’

Why she didn’t get the Film 2010 job is beyond us, oh hang on, that’s because Simon Cowell doesn’t work on that one.

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