If we asked a hundred people what they think the best sitcom of the noughties was our survey would undoubtedly say the cringetastic BBC show The Office. But eating a very rare slice of humble pie (how many Golden Globes have you got again? *yawn*) the creator and star behind it, Ricky Gervais has said he doesn’t understand why he still gets paid so much for it.

Talking on 60 Minutes, David Brent said: ‘when I did The Office, I was so proud. The cheque ruined it a bit - I didn't want people to think that was mixed in with my pride. Why am I paid a million times a nurse's wages? There are people who work as hard as me and they haven't got that because they don't do show business.’

Rotund Ricky didn’t state his intentions to give any of his massive paypacket to any struggling nurses. However, it's nice that he gave them a mention.

Ricky will be gloating about how many Golden Globes he's got when he hosts the Golden Globes on January 17th.

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