Ricky the Fatman Hatton to release comedy Christmas single

It looks like boxing champ Ricky Hatton is going to release a Christmas single.

According to The Sun the Mancunian hitman’s pre-match theme song ‘Hi Ho Ricky Hatten’, a take on the Jeff Beck classic ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ will be rerecorded with new lyrics in time to reach the festive top spot.

A friend of the hardman said: “Ricky wants to get all his famous pals on board, like Noel and some of the Manchester City players. It might be tricky to get Noel to sing but he thinks he’ll happily be on the video. It will be a great laugh. A bit like the Tony Christie Amarillo thing. It should do really well, especially in Manchester.”

The current version of the lyrics are;

They say he’s never seen a salad, that’s why he’s fat. He’s never been on a diet, and he’ll drink to that. He likes his pies and pasties, a pint of Guinness or two. He’s the one they call Ricky Fatton, tonight he’s here for you.

And it’s hi ho Ricky Hatton, he ate all the pies. He’s never seen a salad, he ate all the pies.....

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