Ricky Rayment and Marnie Simpson in crossover reality TV show relationship

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Fireworks seem to be exploding left right and centre ahead of the new The Only Way Is Essex season. And it all mainly is down to a crossover reality TV show relationship blossoming between Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson and TOWIE star Ricky Rayment.

Fans of the show will be aware that Jess Wright dramatically gave Ricky his marching orders after reading a text messages on his phone from another woman. The pair had been an item for about 2 years before she got sick of his antics and broke off their relationship.

Ricky and Marnie were recently seen getting very intimate with each other at the Sugar Club, which is a favourite hangout spot for the TOWIE crew. However, a friend of Wright's has said that Jess is truly hurt, despite breaking up with him, that Ricky has moved on in such a public manner. The friend also said "She is shocked he has been able to move on so quickly."

The new season of TOWIE will return soon with the crew currently filming an episode in Tenerife. Insiders from the show have revealed that Ricky's public displays of affection are genuinely affecting Wright's ability to engage with filming and she has even made her girlfriends promise not to be all buddy-buddy with Marnie.

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