Ricky Gervais: poet laureate

Comedy hero Ricky Gervais has cast wise judgement again, this time writing a poem about BGT contender Susan Boyle's outrageous rise to fame.

While not metaphorical, the one line poem employed a clever rhyming couplet which cut right to the heart of the great BGT debate. It read:

"Susan Boyle, Twitter. Could Britain, be s**ter?"

Gervais then wrote on his blog: "Hope you liked my poem. I'm sure you didn't if you a) Twitter, b) think I was being unpatriotic or, c) are Susan Boyle."

He continued: If you are Susan Boyle, I have nothing against you obviously. I am just sick of the PR machine that surrounds your meteoric rise and fall." As usual, he has a point.

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