Ricky Gervais makes 'censored' cameo at Emmys

Ricky Gervais made a cameo appearance on the Emmys on Sunday night which poked fun at his controversial hosting of the Golden Globes earlier this year.

Gervais appeared in a 'censored' message at the Emmys joking that he was 'no longer allowed on American soil' while there were awards ceremonies taking place.

The Office and Extras star received mixed reviews from attendees and TV viewers in the US for his racy humour while presenting the Golden Globes back in January.

The comedian famously pulled no punches with gags lampooning Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr and Hugh Hefner amongst others.

During his Emmys's video Gervais claimed that any controversial remarks would be edited out to make sure that no one was offended with his speech then punctuated by choreographed cuts for comic effect.

'I've won a few Emmys myself. I've lost a few too,' Gervais said during the video. 'I was up for five last year and I lost them all to other shows that in my opinion were absolute [edit] Schindler's List but then went on to do TV with Band of Brothers and The Pacific for HBO, which in my opinion is the greatest channel in the world. [edit] 'Apart from [edit] Fox [edit] that is, [edit] obviously.'

The video ended with Gervais giving the camera the middle finger only for it to be covered over with a Twinkie.

Despite the negative reaction to his Golden Globes appearance it appears that NBC has asked Gervais to host the awards ceremony again in 2012 but he is said to have declined.

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