Ricky Gervais : Americans are fat because they're greedy

Brilliant. Just when we thought Ricky Gervais had gone of the radar, he pops back up in the US, slagging off Americans for being fat bast*ards!

In a live LA show as part of his US tour, Gervais put it to the crowd that being obese is not a 'disease' like cancer, AIDS or autisim, but plain and simple greed. 'I'm well ill' he says making scoffing actions with his hands. "What's the disease? Everything tastes good. What everything? No, not salads" he replies wincing and pretending to puke.

Gervais also scoffed at aeroplane allowances for hand luggage, saying the fat man sitting next to him on a flight should be made to pay more because he's packing 40pounds in 'tits alone.'

In a country where being obese is as worthy a cause celebre as say famine, the reaction in LA is bound to be varied. "Gervais' brand of comedy hinges on his ability to say insensitive things with an ingratiating smile....but he still lacks the finesse of a stand-up veteran" says the LA Times. Ouch.

When asked to describe how he chooses his comedy material, Gervais says "I suppose I pick the comedy classics - Hitler, you know. Famine." Watch Ricky talking about fat people in the UK. Too funny. Too true.

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