Rick Astley and a Phillipino Rick Astley work the crowd in Manila

Oh God. This is wet your pants funny. In a nutshell, Rick Astley in concert in the Phillipines. Just as the Eighties Wall Street banker is about to launch into Never Gonna Give You Up, he's joined on stage by top Phillipino Rick Astley fan / impersonator Roderick Paulate.

As befits a Rick Astley concert, Rod is dressed like an office dad on his day off - slacks, loafers, sensible jumper, specs - but there's nothing ordinary about his talent. From the moment he snatches the mike (leaving real Rick strumming aimlessly on guitar) the crowd are like putty in his hand. Vocally, it's tricky to tell the difference between the two, but it's Phillipino Rick's dad-grooving that really clinches it. 'It does NOT get any better than this' says real Rick at the end - indeed it doesn't. Enjoy.

Roderick Paulate and Rick Astley in concert in Manila.

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