Richard Hammond in reverse mid-life crisis

The mid-life crisis has not affected Richard Hammond in the way that it affects many other men in their 40s.

Instead the Top Gear presenter has spoken of how much he is enjoying this decade of his life.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Hammond said: "Right now, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I really think I have had a mid-life crisis. I struggled with being 40, but I probably have never been happier.

"Forty is brilliant and I love it. I’m happier now than when I was 20. You take a choice in your 40s. A lot of people do go berserk and by the time you are 50 you’re knackered. How you are in your 40s defines your 50s.

"The mid-life crisis thing, people say it like it’s a dirty word. I am a man of a certain age and we are all entitled to a mid-life crisis, but I’m over it now."

Hammond revealed that he had sold his black Lamborghini and cut out alcohol and cigarettes.

The BBC star lives in Herefordshire with his wife of almost ten years, Mindy and their two daughters Izzy, 11, and Willow, eight.

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