Ricci Guarnaccio confesses he had plastic surgery on his nose

  • @ohis_ - Twitter

Ricci Guarnaccio has confessed that he has recently undergone plastic surgery on his nose. The Geordie Shore star revealed that he became very conscious of his appearance after many nasty comments towards him on social networking site Twitter.

The announcement came via a tweet from Ricci himself to the rhinoplasty surgery in Poland that did the work saying "Thank you to @europesurgery for making my nose look sooooo soooo good it's a beauty". The unpleasant comments he endured really got to him and he said that he got to a stage where he was beginning to feel "like a freak".

In an interview with Now, Ricci hinted that his decision was not entirely based on hateful comments when he said "Generally things people say don't bother me at all," Ricci told Now. But this was my own personal thing." But Ricci did hit out at the haters who make negative and hurtful comments from behind the safety of their computer screens.

He said "It's so pointless what they are doing, and so cowardly. It doesn't do anyone any favours. It's pathetic. They don't realise the effect their words can have on people." If you are looking forward to checking out Vicky Pattison's ex Ricci's brand new nose in this week's Now magazine.

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