Rhys Ifans : to beat lights out of Matthew Rhys

So last week Rhys Ifans banged a big old nail in his relationship coffin by way of his jealousy, and now he's got down to the heavier back work of digging his own grave - via a furious public meltdown.

Instead of shacking up fast, and publicly with the nearest available rebound who'll have him, Rhys has hit the bottle, turned up at work 'crying and dishevelled' and generally taken being dumped by Sienna very badly. He's also claiming he'll 'beat the lights out of' Matthew Rhys and will hang around like a bad smell at the premier of Sienna's new film the Edge Of Love causing trouble and probably being drunk.

Sienna's fuming that Ifans hasn't taken the dumping on the chin and has deleted his desperate 'one more chance' texts with an efficient click of the cancel button and barely a sniffle of nostalgia for the halcyon days. She's now thrown herself back into the task of being a beautiful, single film star who's probably seeing Matthew Rhys in secret.

So there you go, acting like a desperate heartbroken wreck of a man, will not win your woman back Rhys. But it will make her want to never see you again. Move on!

Check out Sienna in the Edge of Love. Decent Welsh accent. Atonement take two.

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