Rhys Ifans & Kimberly Stewart ; 'sloppy seconds are ok'

There are rules to being in the Primrose Hill set and these are them.

1. Don't be afraid of sloppy seconds, and always where possible feast on Jude laws crumbs - he only dines on the finest cavier.

2. Dump each other with decorum, by national tabloid if you like, but never by phone call.

3. Get papped snogging as often as possible in high profile PH haunts and don't give a damn, but then always cover your face in the taxi on the way home.

4. Never invoke the fury of the high council (Kate Moss) or you will be expelled from the Kingdom.

5. Always, and we mean always, try to shag Kimberly Stewart ; there is no better publicity.

Rhys Ifans knows the rules off by heart and as such has shamelessly scooped up Kimberly Stewart from the Jude Law sloppy seconds pot after a blotto night out on Monday. According to The Sun Ifans and Stewart got well soaked at Bungalow 8, did some embarrassing 'dirty dancing' then went back to Rhys's for a night of hot Primmy Hill Hill action. Kimberley and Rhys were then papped out for lunch the next day wearing custom PH silly sunnies and 'just dragged ourselves out of the love pit' hair. So Rhys Ifans is back in the saddle. That's good.

Meanwhile Sienna has bought a new house, 5 doors up from PH Kingpin and ex lover Jude Law. What will Getty say!

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