Rhianna does Gucci - and it's surprisingly funny

Oops. The new Gucci advert featuring Princess of Pop Rhianna is not only bizarre but unintentionally funny.

The ad sees Rhianna all dressed up in a white Gucci frock, suspended in what looks like thin air. She looks forlorn but beautiful. So far so good. However, after a few seductive pouts and a couple of shoulder movements which never quite get off the ground you can almost hear the creative director screech, 'more artsy people, puh-lease!

Next thing we know Rhianna's clinging onto an imaginary bus handrail for dear life while a huge Gucci bag weighs her down. The music then picks up pace and she starts twirling around. Only not normal twirling - twirling as if she's holding onto an imaginary pogo stick and could topple over at any moment. Cut to seductive shots of Gucci bags, a couple more comedy twirls and that's a wrap. Have a chuckle, check it out.

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