Rev back for new series - in 2014

Fans of the hit BBC sitcom Rev have been reassured that a new series will be forthcoming – it just might not arrive on screen until 2014. The problem is that central members of the cast have been busy with other projects.

Tom Hollander, who co-created the series and has the central role of the hapless inner-city vicar Adam Smallbone, is already committed to two films this year. Olivia Colman who plays his wife, and was outstanding in the recent BBC Olympics spoof TwentyTwelve, is involved in a West End theatre production and a new series of the Channel 4 sitcom Peep Show. Simon McBurney, who plays the Archdeacon, is busy with his theatre company Complicite.

There have been two series of Rev so far, greeted by critical acclaim, BAFTA awards and healthy viewing figures. The last series finished in December 2011. Producer Kenton Allen, whose company Big Talk makes the series for the BBC said, "Such is the brilliance of the Rev cast that getting everyone back together for further adventures is always challenging."

After plenty of comparing diaries, the BBC has asked the production company to begin development for a new series late in 2012, with shooting scheduled for autumn 2013. Co-creator James Wood will be the lead writer.

"We're absolutely delighted to have Rev back on the channel," Janice Hadlow, the controller of BBC2, said. "It's one of the real comedy jewels in BBC2's crown." Even if it’s a jewel which takes quite a long time to polish.

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