Return of the Royals

So Mrs Beckham was no great shakes when she appeared as a guest judge on American Idol recently. She was ravaged by the American press who claimed that she added nothing to the show other than a few nicey-nicey comments and a gaunt appearance that was enough to cause viewers to reach for the remote. (Erm, isn't that what she was supposed to do?)

Unfortunately, the nasty mud-slinging has taken its toll. The British Royal Family have decided they've had enough of trying to Win the War against terrorism - sorry, terrible American TV (who can be bothered with that anyway? oh... most Brit stars) and according to Heat Magazine they are homeward bound.

'They've both decided they want to move back to the UK as soon as possible. The idea of uprooting the kids is hard to face. She also feels that, in doing that, she is somehow throwing in the towel,' said a source.

Posh, if those snooty Americans don't 'get you' or appreciate what it means to be dedicated to the art of being a celebrity (damn them, they invented the word,) then come home. We might be jumping the gun, but once Danni goes on a maternity won't there be a chair free on X Factor?

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