Resistance is futile

We’ve spent much of the last couple of months mocking poor old Will.i.am for his desperate attempts to get with Geordie popstress Cheryl Cole, and his inevitable, long, slow plunge into the dreaded friend zone, where rude bits shall never meet. He must be extremely upset at everyone talking about him as though he’s a massive sap, but you know, he’ll probably get over it.

However, if the vague ramblings of the tabloids are to be believed – and they’ve never let us down up until now, right? – Big Willy might be getting up close and personal with Chezza soon enough, guaranteeing the jealous glares of men all over the western world, and proving that sometimes persistence really does pay off.

The pair are apparently about to spend some alone time together in Barcelona when the Black Eyed Peas play the city’s Espanyol Stadium on 3 July, with Will asking organisers for a joint dressing room, before taking her to the Michelin starred restaurant El Bulli for post-gig wooing. Will Will get to dip his wick? Only here will you be to, ahem, relieve thetension.

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