“Rendition” gets very ordinary results

Not even Reese Witherspoon’s Oscar or Jake Gyllenhaal’s nomination could make this film a box-office success. ‘Rendition’ opened at only 9th place on its first weekend, taking $4.1million – less than the 3D reissue of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. In first place was vampire flick ‘30 Days of Night’ with $16 million, almost 4 times the box-office takings of ‘Rendition’.

The pair have denied rumours that they’re romantically linked, but that hasn’t stopped critics invoking the “Curse of Gigli” – the phenomenon whereby real-life movie couples suddenly produce turkeys (sorry) when they work together. We would have been better off keeping our Eyes Wide Shut than watching Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s flop; Guy Ritchie and Madonna produced a surefire washout in Swept Away; and the daddy of them all may be Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s ‘Gigli’, which according to Premiere’s Laine Ewen ‘rhymes with “really.” As in “really bad,” or “really offensive,” or “really wish I’d remembered my gun so I could just shoot myself now and end the misery.”’

(Image: from sheksays’ Flickr stream)

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