Relight my ire

If we're all shocked and stunned at the Mark Owen love cheat revelations, and feel personally wronged, just think how the poor wifey feels. Unsuprisingly, she's a little narked, and has kicked little Marky out of the marital home and straight into every celeb's second home - rehab.

According to The Mirror, Mark's wife Emma confided to a 'friend','I don’t know what to do. I need at least a week to think about what I want to do. I don’t know the man I’ve married – this isn’t him.

The friend told the paper: 'Emma is absolutely mortified and as things stand she doesn’t think she can take Mark back. The sheer scale of the betrayal is so huge. Almost overnight, Emma has gone from being in what she thought was a happy marriage to finding out her husband is a serial adulterer with a big drink ­problem.'

Following the double whammy of Howard's cheating revelations, we think Take That have some serious rebranding issues...

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