Ah, Twitter. You've brought us the deepest thoughts of so many great minds: Stephen Fry, economist Nouriel Roubini, former Foreign Secretary David Milliband. But now you've really proven yourself a useful addition to the internet landscape. Ladies and gentlemen: Victoria Beckham is on Twitter.

Her account seems to have been set up in relation to New York Fashion Week (she's a fashion designer now, didn't you know?). So far she's told us that 'Romeo had an amazing lazer tag party!!' and that she's 'honoured to be nominated for designer brand of the year from the British Fashion Council!' (which is actually kind of impressive).

She's also invented a quite sweet new catchphrase, 'in love and light,' which she uses to sign off pretty much every tweet. Oh and she tweeted a picture of her dog, which is kind of great.

Whether the account will persist once Fashion Week is over, we don't know. Kim Kardashian reckons 'Fashion week is now every week w/ Victoria B.' We'll have to wait and see.

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