Reid sees stars

Hold on a second: since when did Alex Reid have his own magazine column? We thought you needed to be a national treasure or a tabloid hero like Peter Andre before that honour was bestowed on you? Do we really need another celeb giving us printed updates about whether he likes sugar on his Cocoa Pops? At least tweets are ephemeral. Magazine world - who thought this was a good idea?

Aaanyway, before we choke on our Heat magazine (yes, we eat it), here's what Alex is using his Star column to say: 'A magazine said last week that the reason I didn't go to Elton John's Oscar party recently is because Katie was too embarrassed to take me. That is such nonsense - she's proud to be with me, as I am with her. As I said last week, I didn't go to the party because I didn't want to be around alcohol when I was training.' Righteo.

And there's more:' I've got some auditions coming up, which I'm thrilled about.' Yes, we're sure Alex Reid wrote the word 'thrilled' with his own fair hand....

'One of them is for quite a big-budget BBC drama, and the director asked to see me specifically. I do not want to get too excited yet just because I know how this world works, but it feels really good to get the acting buzz back'

What, he had it then lost it? On second thoughts, Reid's column is quite funny...

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