Reid and Andre: truce?

Jordan’s boyfriend Alex Reid has extended the olive branch of peace towards Peter Andre, a couple weeks after their little spat the other week caused them to threaten each other over the phone. Despite being a hard man who fights for a living, Reid seems to be quite the conciliatory sweetheart, offering to clear the air with his missus’ ex-husband over the issue surrounding his children.

‘I can totally understand (why Andre was upset about him playing with his kids),’ he said to The Sun. ‘I'd love to clear the air. I don't want to be best friends or anything, but as I plan on being around a lot longer, it'd be nice if he could accept that as a responsible adult.

‘And with the kids, what am I meant to do? Be horrible to them? Surely that would be a lot worse.’

He also asked why his cross-dressing needs to be an issue between them, or involve anyone else for that matter, seeing as no-one is actually being hurt by his admittedly slightly unusual mode of dress.

‘There's more to me than getting in a cage and occasionally dressing up,’ he said. ‘How does me wearing a skirt hurt anyone? People are dying all around the world. Why worry about this?’

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