Reid all about it!

We don't know about you, but our fervant hope this year has been that Alex Reid will finally put pen to paper, and explain to us the workings of his mind. Well, Reid has just announced that a tell-all expose is in the works.

According to The Sun, Alex has said that the book will be less a straight-forward celeb memoir, as befits the complexity of the cage-fighter. Reid tweeted, 'Not autobiography, but more like The Chronicles Of Reid.' and 'Funny, gotta be so careful wot u put out on here 2 not get attacked.' Indeed.

In other related news, the celebrity hubby boasted of a day out in South London with his big-breasted belle, 'Just had lovely chrimbo shopping trip with Mrs in Croydon.' Don't you wish these famous types would stop making us jealous with their tales of high living?

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