Reid all about it!

Alex 'Weedy' Reid has sadly pulled out of his fight with Tom 'Kong' Watson. Anyone would think he doesn't want to be known as Katie Price's cagefighter anymore. Reid is on holiday in Egypt and has apparently hurt his knee.

His representative (ooh, vey grand!) said: 'Alex Reid has sustained an injury during the filming of his Bravo Fight Of His Life programme. He has seen numerous doctors and specialists, all advising him to not train at the level required in the lead-up to a fight. In light of this, Alex will unfortunately be postponing his fight on May 15 with Tom 'Kong' Watson. Alex will be seeing a BAMMA doctor upon his return to further assess the injury and work towards a new date. Alex is gutted to postpone the fight and is looking forward to taking on his competitor.'

Two things we love about this statement; first, the existence of BAMMA(the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts, don't you know) and second, the highly serious tone of Alex's 'representative', speaking of Reid as one would a top athlete, only slightly marred by referring to the cagefighter as 'gutted'. Lovely stuff.

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