Rehab? No! No! No!

The life cycle of a popstar is this: get famous; get rich; turn to booze and recreationals to ease the suffering; take an obligatory trip or two rehab; talk about it to the press; go to rehab again. Well some ordinary people seem to have the impression that rehab is a picnic. Wouldn't it be nice to have a few months off work, put your feet up and be looked after in a swanky hotel where they do Tai Chi on the lawn for a while, they think? Not according to Robbie Williams; rehab is not as much fun as it sounds.

'It's embarrassing having to go to rehab again,' the ex-Take Thater told Contactmusic. 'Knowing what's to come and the boredom that you're going to have while you're there, and being scared of the people that are in there. Is anybody going to be your kind of nutter? Because they are all nutters, including myself.'

'Everyone thinks rehab's this place that's a bit like a health farm where you go and get pampered. I was in a hospital ward with four other people in single beds, and it's horrendous in there.'

Now doesn't that make you feel lucky to have the daily grind of that 9-5 office job? No, thought not.

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