Reformed Ryan?

If you've been caught philandering on an almighty scale, and have only just managed to patch up your marriage, perhaps a very public night of debauchery is not ideal behaviour. But try telling that to Ryan Giggs, who, with his Man U team-mates enjoyed an evening of booze, bevvies of beauties and belly-dancing in New York.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'The belly dancers came out and they were mesmerized. Ryan Giggs got up and was dancing with a belly dancer on a table, the guys were laughing. They all left at around 1am. The team and their staff took over half the restaurant. Once the music started after dinner, they were dancing on the tables and the banquettes to the deejay. Some were wearing flapper headbands taken from the girls, masks and gangster hats. They were handed tambourines and maracas. One player even donned a fake moustache.' Ooh - we hope it was Wayne...

However, a weary Man United spokesperson defended the team's antics, saying, 'The players had a day off, and a few of them had planned to meet up at Lavo for one of the restaurants renowned themed evenings. The players did not invite any girls onto the bus to Juliets. The two girls that were on the bus were with their husbands who were friends of a member of the backroom staff.'

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