Reese rakes it in

With actors like Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson earning a phenomenal $30million a film, how much do their female counterparts earn? Well, it seems the girls still lag behind the boys when it comes to the pay stakes. Reese Witherspoon is now the highest paid actress according to a new list compiled by the Hollywood Reporter magazine earning a comparatively miniscule amount of just $15-20million per movie. Just terrible!

The 31-year-old Oscar winning actress, who can demand between $15-20 million per film, has beaten the likes of Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz to get the top spot. Coming in second place is Angelina Jolie demanding similar fees to Witherspoon, despite being paid only $8 million for her last film Beowulf.  (Bargain!)

Cameron Diaz came in third earning an average of $15 million per film. So does the pay cheque reflect the talent of the actor?  We’d certainly watch Angelina’s pout over Tom Cruise’s crazy-looking smile. So who would you put on top? 

(Image: from YouTube)

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