Red Dwarf returns for new series

Fans of the science-fiction comedy show Red Dwarf will be elated at the news that a new series will screen in the autumn. A trailer has been released for Red Dwarf X ahead of the series to be shown on the Dave channel.

The original cast members Robert Llewellyn, Craig Charles, Chris Barrie and Danny John-Jules are involved in the new series of the show set aboard an intergalactic space ship.

The series was a cult hit for the BBC for several years, but John-Jules has spoken out about the lack of respect he felt it received at the Corporation. "The BBC never really pushed Red Dwarf as one of their flagship shows," he said, "even though it was so successful. I think it all stems back to the commissioning days, when the BBC turned down the show twice."

The show’s success continued after the original run finished, with DVDs selling well and cast members constantly in demand to appear at fan conventions all over the world, although the BBC were not interested in commissioning a new series.

"There's no question that if I was in a show in Hollywood that had been running for 23 years, I'd be able to hang out with Barack Obama." John-Jules suggested. "We've not even had a cup of tea at the BBC. But it's not like it worries us - it's great to be a bit controversial."

Of the original cast, only Charles has been seen in any high-profile TV roles, appearing in Coronation Street for several years.

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