Record breaking jigsaw puzzle collapses

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Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Poor old Dave Evans. A professional jigsaw maker (don’t see many vacancies for that position down at the job centre!), he was busy constructing a very special 40,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, until in a moment worthy of a cartoon, a mere twenty four hours after gingerly fitting the final piece into place, the whole thing suddenly collapsed in a fractured heap.

Mr Evans had spent a grand total of 35 days assembling his masterpiece, which was in fact the biggest ever hand cut jigsaw puzzle. And not only was the puzzle itself a record breaker, but it was made up of a montage of photos of last year’s Queen’s diamond jubilee and is set to be exhibited at the Queen’s Sandringham House, in Norfolk.

Dave now has only a week to forensically reconstruct the 6m (19ft 6in) by 2.5m (8ft) jigsaw before the Sandringham exhibition is due to start and he is now calling for volunteers to help rebuilt the shattered debris back into a glowing tribute to the Queen’s Jubilee

Mr Evans said: ‘I must have pushed it too hard, because it suddenly came down as I took my eye off the ball.

‘It seemed to happen in slow motion. It’s a fully interlocking jigsaw so when it fell it rolled down like a carpet and came down in a huge pile on the floor.

‘I was annoyed to say the least. I had no choice but to sit down on the floor and start picking up the pieces one by one. I have got a week to put it back together so if anybody wants to help me they are more than welcome.’

He had however, already sent off the puzzle’s details to the Guinness World Records before it broke. Phew.

Written by Cyrus Bozorgmehr - Google+ Profile - More articles by Cyrus Bozorgmehr

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