Reason for England’s early World Cup exit revealed

If you hadn’t noticed, 2010 is a World Cup year with England being the only Brit nation to qualify for this summer's tournament.

With a dominating qualifying campaign led by Italian superhero Fabio Capello, tabloids and the like are calling this the best chance of England getting their hands on the elusive golden trophy since, well, 1966, but according to The Mirror obstacles have already reared their ugly (pretty) heads in the guise of the infamous WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends).

Apparently Cheryl Cole, who is married to England defender Ashley Cole, has been enlisted by her fellow WAGs to scout out the best designer boutiques and party haunts in the host country South Africa.

‘[The WAGs] have been joking they want her to give them the lowdown on where to party and where to be seen. As the most popular woman in the country right now, the other wives and girlfriends all view Cheryl as Queen Bee,’ reports the newspaper's source.

Adding; ‘It has to be said though, Cheryl's main priority isn't the shops - she's after some sunshine and a spot of pampering. Still, if it's for a good cause, she'll do her best to hit a few boutiques! And after the hectic year she's had, she certainly deserves to treat herself.’

Oh well, there's always 2014. The FIFA World Cup 2010 kicks off in 157 days.

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