Reality TV eats itself

Just when you think reality television couldn’t scrape any more light entertainment barnacles from the rotting ideas barrel, the execs manage to come up with something new. It seemed impossible that Derek Acorah’s attempt to contact Michael Jackson through a séance only months after his death was the ugliest festering boil that could make it to production, but behold: Superdaddy, starring Jeff Brazier!

The also-ran TV presenter is fronting the new show, which is about separated couples trying to deal with dual parenting, because of his problematic relationship with Jade Goody. Brazier has himself done what appears to be a very responsible job with their two kids (genuinely fair play to the lad, by the way), which of course qualifies him to be paid by a TV network to tell other families how to deal with it. It appears to be thus: no-one will watch this show without a celebrity involved, so who’s done what they’re supposed to do with their kids? It will of course go out on Living TV; where else?

‘Jeff had a roller-coaster relationship with Jade but they made a success of single parenting,’ said some source to The Sun. ‘He feels able to relate to parents in a similar situation,’

‘I feel proud of the job I've done so far but I may not have been so capable if I hadn't played such a consistent role in their lives beforehand,’ said the man himself. ‘I put this down to Jade and I communicating and compromising with each other wherever possible.’

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