Read my lips

When will stars learn? The trout pout is not a good look. Ever since Leslie Ash came a cropper at the hands of some overzealous lip injections, celebs the world over.....urm, haven't been put off. Lindsay Lohan's plumped up kissers are only just starting to look more normal, months after having them done. And now it looks as if Sarah Harding has joined the larger than life lips club.

But whereas other celebs have indulged in a spot of plumping and come out looking like they've kissed a nettle bush, Sarah's efforts (or should we say a rich Harley Street surgeon's efforts) don't look too shoddy. Then again, she doesn't look like herself - which is strange given that she's such a corking looking lass.

Annnyway, the Girl Aloud has made no comment on the subject, so the speculation ends there. And with any luck future visits to the surgeon's will end there too. As the old adage goes, if it ain't broken, don't enhance it....

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