Ratings winner

Everyone saw Matt Cardle whimper his way through The X-Factor final on Sunday didn’t they? Well, that’s certainly what you’d think as people natter about the finale at the water cooler’s up and down the country, but compared to previous years, just how BIG was this year’s X-factor?

Ignoring Pop Idol, The X-Factor as we know it started in 2004, drawing in 9.9million viewers at its peak when Steve Brookstein (WHO?) was crowned the winner that year (FYI...he’s now touring coffee shops). Sunday’s final was the most watched episode to date with double the first final at a peak of 19.4 million people.

Here’s how the series has increased its audience...

2010: Winner: Matt Cardle: Viewers: 19.4m
2009: Winner: Joe McElderry: Viewers: 19.1m
2008: Winner: Alexandra Burke: Viewers: 14m
2007: Winner: Leon Jackson: Viewers: 12.1m
2006: Winner: Leona Lewis: Viewers: 12.6m
2005: Winner: Shayne Ward: Viewers: 9.3m
2004: Winner: Steve Brookstein: Viewers: 9.9m

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