Rascal's making Haye

Rapper, record label owner and chart-topper, Dizzee Rascal has pretty much got the music game sewn up. So it’s pretty unlikely that he’s going to need to turn his hand to anything else in his life, but if he did – say his vocal cords were cut in a freak yachting accident – he could make a go of boxing, and he would have the blessing of one David Haye.

The grime hero uses the same gym as the WBA World Heavyweight Champion, and have even sparred with him, and Haye reckons that Rascal is a good fighter. That's about as high a recommendation as you can get in British boxing.

‘He's a friend of mine, he's a good guy... He comes down my gym, we train together and he can fight as well,' said Haye to the Daily Star. ‘The guy knows his stuff: he can 'ave it, he's fast, powerful, very heavy-handed. He gets in there and lets his hands go. I teach him some boxing and I've sparred with him. Trust me, he can do it.’

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