Rapper Coolio to serve up cookbook?

Long forgotten rapper Cooliolooks set to release a cookbook that he says will “rival” celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay


The Gangsta's Paradise rapper has had success hosting an online cooking show called Cookin’ With Coolio and now wants to move into print.

Talking to Digital Spy about Ramsey’s food, the 44 year old divorced father of 6 said; "I ate in one of his restaurants and I was not impressed. I would take all his dishes and make them better." The self proclaimed ‘gourmet chef’ went on to say how his roots have influenced his cooking style;

“I do a lot of healthy fusion food - I do Black Italian - Blitalian, Black Asian - Blasian, Black English - Blenglish I like traditional food and putting my own twist on it. I'm about to try Black Scottish – Blottish”

'I'm bout ta teach yo' ass howta cook, yo' ready sucka?' No, us neither. Check out Coolio in action.

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