Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares

Fiery chef Gordon Ramsey has not had a vintage couple of years; first he gets accused of straying from his wife with a mistress who promptly publishes a tell-all account, then his business suffers from over-expansion and he is forced to sell pubs and restaurants to keep afloat. And now, after having a spectacular fight with his father-in-law, they have parted ways as business partners. We imagine that Christmas dinner at the Ramsay's might be a little awkward in future...

A source told The Daily Mail, ‘It’s no secret that Gordon and Chris have had a very fiery relationship over the years. It’s incredibly difficult for Tana as she is right in the middle of it. How can she pick one man over the other? One’s her husband and one is her father. She’s understandably upset – she doesn’t want this to tear the family apart.’

Gordon's restaurants lost £8.3m in 2008 after over-expanding the business, though last year the chef posted profits of over £4m.

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