Rambo 5 'given the greenlight'

Sylvester Stallone is the character actors’ character actor. Not content with stringing Rocky out so far past his best even Joe Bugner laughed at him, He’s going to bring out Rambo for a fifth blast of blasting baddies.

Nu Image/Millennium Films have greenlit the film, which is Hollywood parlance for saying, yes we have the money, now shoot a profitable movie, you slurring bozo. There are a few rumours flying around as to the plot, but really, what does it matter? If you listen to Variety, Rambo will frag his way through drug and human traffickers near the USA/Mexico border to save an abducted girl.

Production is apparently going to begin in the spring, so in the meantime watch First Blood, which is actually a pretty good film, and long before Stallone turned into the balloon-muscled cartoon that starred in Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot.

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