Rage of the Reidinator

Katie Price has fired off the requisite press release announcing the end of her marriage to cage-fighting man Alex Reid, and has jetted off to Switzerland, for some much-needed R and R - and, according to reports, some frolicks with two un-named Swiss polo players. Alex is not happy.

According to The Mirror, 'Alex feels like a total mug and has sent Kate texts to this effect. He’s been ranting over the weekend and veering between tears and anger. Seeing these pictures, Alex is upset that she’s moved on so quickly. They have got a long way to go before things get civil.' Matters weren't helped by Katie being papped wearing a ring on her wedding finger, a friend claimed, 'It’s just a fashion ring that doesn’t fit on any of her other fingers.' While Alex's pal said, 'The fact that she’s wearing a ring on her wedding finger is rubbing salt in the wound. Alex feels she’s mocking him and their marriage.'

Katie tweeted that she needed to, 'let off steam Friday after weeks of tension. Need to improve my dancing! All harmless and the only man for me is Junior. Family time now.'

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