Quick, alert the paps

There are ways of denying rumours of marital strife if you're a celeb. Twitter is by far the most popular. Facebook status updates lag close behind. But rash is the celeb who poo-poos the humble photo-op. This spontaneous show of togetherness - if done right - can do more for your reputation than a Twitter pic accompanied by 140 characters ever can.

Hence, Alex Reid has gone back to basics with the ultimate familial tableau. He waved Jordan off to work this morning with the words 'I love you'. She then sped away in her pink Beetle for another honest day's work in her local Quicksave stacking shelves...

Only joking. She sped off to whereever - more photo ops? while her HAPPILY MARRIED cagefighter went for a jog. Katie then denied rumours of marriage problems (for goodness sake, they've only been married a week), on Twitter: 'Trust me, there is no truth in what the mags and newspapers write. They can't stand the fact we are very happy and in love. No, Alex hasn't left.'

Translation: as soon as we split, we'll tweet it...

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