Queen Madge

Gawd bless the royal family, they're just like us. Granted, they have their sceptres, and mink, but they still turn into gushing fools at the sight of a bona fide celeb. Prince Edward and Princess Michael of Kent have been falling over themselves to help out Madonna with her new film - a biopic of the life of Wallis Simpson.

A source told The Sun, 'Some senior figures turned it down. But others, including Princess Michael of Kent, Prince Edward and the Gloucesters, jumped at the chance. When the Palace were contacted by the film company for guidance on historical fact, they were a bit apprehensive at first given the subject. But when they heard Madonna was behind it they lent their support and arranged for key people to get involved.'

So much omerta and the vow of silence - oh, hang on, wrong family...

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