Pygmy cows to help beat the credit crunch

The credit crunch is biting - are your pets helping out? I mean, those cats and dogs are just take, take, take. You can't even make a coat out of their fur. Wouldn't you be better off with some chickens for eggs and drumsticks? A mink or two for a coat (when they pop their clogs naturally of course)? Or even a cow?

But aren't they a bit inconvenient? And where the hell would you put it? What you really need is some kind of pygmy cow. Luckily such a thing exists and they're getting pretty popular.

The Dexter is our dream cow. It's smaller than a German Shepherd (the dog, not the shepherd). It saves you having a Flymo. It doles out 16 pints a day. And apparently it's very, very tasty.

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