Put it away

There's no such thing as consistency when it comes to setting standards on X Factor. One minute Simon Cowell is having his bum smacked for allowing Rihanna and Cristina Aguilera to wear skimpy outfits on last year's show and the next Kelly Rowland is slapping her finalists with a sex ban. Well now Robbie Williams has popped up on the show wearing nothing but a fig leaf to hide his cheeky bits.

According to the Current Bun the ex Thatter surprised his old pal Gary Barlow with a full frontal when he revealed himself as 'guest coach' for the boys' category on the show. There were larfs a plenty on set when Rob popped his modesty out with witnesses reporting: 'It was hilarious. Gary, the contestants and crew were stunned. Robbie just stood there stark naked apart from these tiny leaves.'

In case you thought it was a clever ploy to drum up column inches the prank is being blamed on Robbie's new(ish) wife Ayda Fields, whose name we love but don't know why. A source elaborates: 'Ayda has a cheeky side and convinced Rob it would be a good laugh. He was immediately game.'

Or was he? Proving he's not quite as up for a laff as he might like to appear, Robbie reportedly wore invisible pants for the shoot, set to air in two weeks. These prevented any slippage and kept Rob looking buff and perky for the cameras. Maybe Simon Cowell might like to add a pair to his Xmas wish list .....

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