Put a Cotton sock in it!

When Chris Moyles trailed forward to Fearne Cotton’s show on Radio 1 yesterday saying that none other than Hollywood A-Lister and living legend Morgan Freeman would be on it, you’d be right in thinking it was quite the scoop for them; that is until you heard the interview.

To be fair to poor young Fearne the interview was full of the usual non-perplexing questions about Morgan’s up-coming and hotly tipped Oscar movie ‘Invictus’ in which he plays Nelson Mandela - but that didn't mean it needed livening up. Midway through Fearne asked her big name guest to tell viewers 'you're listening to Fearne....' Unsure of the pronunciation of her name Morgan asked her to spell it for him and Fearne dutifully replied; ‘My first name is F.E.A.R.N.E. - bit of a weird one. And then Cotton, like cotton pickin'.’

Way to go Fearne. Check out the faux pas on the BBC iPlayer, approx 27 minutes in.

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