Pure Klass

They say that celebrities are thick, and quite often they're right, at least in the case of reality TV contestants and the like. But Myleene Klass always seemed a cut above from the rest, what with her piano playing and showering in a bikini while still somehow managing to appear wholesome.

But now it's come to our attention that she is in fact just as mentally deficient as the next Big Brother talent vacuum. How else do you explain needing to have hotel staff having to remove you from your bed after you got yourself stuck to the bed frame with insect repellent?

The presenter had sprayed it on the bed to stop creepy crawlies going after her in the night, but it reacted with the varnish and glued her to the bed post. Which is pretty damn funny.

'Hotel staff had to peel her off slowly but surely,' said a source. There's plenty of men thinking they'd like to peel her off etc etc.

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